Certification represents assurance by an independent accredited body of conformity to specific requirements. It covers products and their components, services, people and systems.

Certification can improve reputation, open up new markets or simply enable the company to operate. It also enables companies to manage risk and drive performance, by tracking a number of key variables over a period of time.

The certification process typically includes on-site audits and standardized testing and inspections. Once a certificate has been delivered, it is maintained through regular audits.

Improve reputation and gain access to new markets

Accredited by over 20 bodies internationally, FIRST is a leader in certification of Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental management systems.

For example, we are a leading provider of ISO 9001 quality management certification and ISO 14001 environmental management certification. Our global presence makes us a natural partner of choice for multinationals looking to manage risk and drive performance across all their worldwide operations.

FIRST also provides certification of equipment and products across all industries and sectors. These may be certified to international or national regulations, voluntary industry standards, or manufacturer and client requirements.

We are also able to develop certification systems for new technologies, from smart world devices to wind farms. We do this by adapting certification systems from relevant sectors, and complementing this with specific risk assessments on components and systems. Certification of new technologies can play a significant role in industry innovation and speed up commercial development.