Pipe Line Inspection

Pipeline Inspection Services

FIRST COMPANY provides a complete range of services for your pipeline inspection needs.

This includes:

  • X Ray Crawer Inspection
  • Gamma Ray Inspection
  • Advanced Ultrasonic Inspection (Combination of Phased Array, Time of Flight Diffraction and Shear wave Ultrasonics)
  • Long Range Ultrasonic Inspection
  • Advanced Corrosion Mapping
  • Intelligent Pigging (Ultrasonic and MFL methods)

1. X-Ray Pipeline Inspection

FIRST COMPANY has the knowledge, capability and experience to provide Conventional X-Ray and Gamma Ray inspection on pipelines as well as X-Ray crawler inspection on pipes from 10” to 48” diameters.

2. Automated Pipeline Inspection

FIRST COMPANY has the knowledge, expertise and experience to perform Phased Array and automated ultrasonic (AUT) on both onshore and offshore operations. We use different technologies from several manufacturers to provide complete automated inspection capabilities. FIRST COMPANY’s AUT capability has been used on a variety of projects and for numerous clients. Pipe sizes inspected have ranged from 5″ to 48″, wall thickness from 12mm to 33mm and to a variety.

AUT uses conventional and specialized transducers to introduce sound in the test materials. These transducers are mounted to automated robotic crawlers, which articulate to cover large areas of the vessel or piping surface. The data collected is then displayed in color in multiple A-Scan, B-Scan, C-Scan and D-Scan images. A-scan representation is the view in which the signal amplitude is shown as a vertical excursion from the horizontal sweep time trace. The B-scan and D-scan presentations are two-dimensional views of cross-sectional planes through the test object on different axis. This imaging is helpful in distinguishing mid-wall inclusions such as laminations and blistering, from back-wall discontinuities like erosion and corrosion. The C-scan image is a two-dimensional plan view of the object. Indication of depth is color coded to provide the image with qualities, which resemble a topographical map viewed from the inspecting surface.

3. Intelligent Pigging

FIRST COMPANY provides inspection utilizing intelligent pigging ILI and MFL for corrosion detection and cracking. The ILI system can also be used for riser inspections, with or without production outage. Large diameter piping from 4” up to 64” metallic and non-metallic pipelines can be inspected. This method of inspection is fast end extremely accurate with immediate inspection results. MFL can be used with or without liquid in the pipeline and offer a higher inspection speed and hence greater range These MFL tools are based on the latest standards of electronics, data processing and measuring principles. This has led to a unique set of features such as: Real tri-axial measurement of the flux leakage vector, resulting in accurate assessment of metal loss. Flexible tools with high tolerance for various pipeline diameters, wall thicknesses and bend radii.

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