An audit is a systematic evidence gathering process. Non-financial audits of systems and processes involve periodic verifications to verify that a documented QHSE management system or industrial process is being effectively implemented.

They help validate compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards. Audits can also be used as an information tool to drive better business decisions.

Verify compliance and make informed business decisions

FIRST provides a range of auditing services to support businesses in quality, health and safety, social compliance and environmental management. These audits can form part of certification requirements, or be carried out independently to support specific business needs.

Our audits range in scope, from a consumer goods factory capability and capacity assessment, to one-off technical audits as part of a construction project, or verification of a commercial transaction, to a complete audit of a global quality management system on behalf of an industrial or consumer goods manufacturer.

FIRST auditors can confirm compliance, for example with workplace health & safety regulations. They can also identify ways to assess product quality or improve performance, for example in the case of building energy audits.

Regular audits can be used as a tool for continuous improvement, or to drive change throughout the business. Our supplier and network auditing programs, for example, help businesses ensure their suppliers adhere to specific quality and social standards and processes.

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