Chemicals & Petrochemicals

The hazardous nature of chemicals and petrochemicals makes managing the risks associated with products, facilities and transportation a priority for chemicals companies. Stringent regulations and industry standards focus on human health and safety, and on environmental management.

In addition, chemicals and petrochemicals companies and traders seek to control product quality along the supply chain.

Minimize the risks involved in chemicals manufacturing, storage and transportation

FIRST provides services throughout the chemicals value chain to help manufacturers and traders manage risk, control quality and safeguard the integrity of their assets.

We test the composition and quality of chemicals and petrochemicals , at client sites, or at ports. These testing services enable our clients to confirm their products meet the required specifications. We also offer certification programs in quality and environmental management.

FIRST also plays a vital role in supporting chemicals companies in the construction and operation of facilities. We focus on anticipating, reducing and managing risk from design stage, and on ensuring long-term asset integrity. This continues once the facility is in operation, with periodic inspections and non-destructive testing.

Finally, as one of the world’s leading marine classification societies, we play a key role in the safe transportation of chemicals and petrochemicals.