Inspection involves verifying on-site that a product, asset or system meets specified criteria. It covers a wide range of services designed to reduce risk, control quality and verify quantity and meet regulatory requirements. A product, service or installation is inspected several times during its life cycle, to confirm it is designed and operated efficiently, and meets specified quality and safety standards. Gain confidence in the reliability and integrity of your products, assets and systems FIRST inspection services provide our clients with confidence that their products, processes and installations comply with international and local regulations, voluntary standards and their own requirements. Our independent third-party inspection services cover all aspects of quality, health and safety and environmental management, as well as efficiency and asset integrity. In the case of consumer goods, we carry out inspections prior to shipment, minimizing the risk of defective products and safeguarding the reputation of manufacturers and retailers. Consumer products may also be inspected on behalf of governments at a country’s border. Our inspections of building installations, industrial facilities, and infrastructure, on the other hand, are periodic. They confirm ongoing compliance and performance, and help preserve or extend the life of the asset. The inspection items coverd by FIRST: Textile Webbing sling Shackle Eye bolt Plate clamp Steel wire rope Master links Chain & Chain slings Turnbuckles