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Urbanization and middle class growth are driving needs for more and more sophisticated buildings with increasing expectations in terms of quality, safety and performance.

Construction, whether of a commercial building or an industrial installation, is itself is more complex, due to time constraints, more stringent regulations, new products technologies, and higher performance expectations from the end user.

Operating the asset is also more complex due to the number and professionalism of stakeholders, the growing regulatory environment, the challenge to protect the asset value while optimizing maintenance.

Ensure your building is at the expected level of quality, safety and performance and complies with regulations.

Throughout the life cycle of a building or installation, FIRST works alongside the various asset stakeholders – owner, contractor, manufacturer, public authority, asset manager, property manager, facility manager, tenant – to provide peace of mind services.

We combine our rigorous processes and expertise in design review, inspection and testing to deliver tailored solutions for clients. We offer in-depth knowledge of local regulations and practices, combined with a global network and local accreditation.

Our technical expertise includes environment, structure, roofing, curtain walls, HVAC, energy, fire safety, electricity, lifting equipment and elevators, pressure vessels.

FIRST offers outsourced permitting solutions for local authorities, support to owners on project management, mandatory and voluntary technical control, safety on site services, material and products testing, green building services, technical due diligence, voluntary or mandatory inspections of buildings including technical installations, facility management supervision, and performance optimization.


Effective planning is an essential part of the ongoing project management process. The environmental impact of a job, its scheduling, budgeting, site safety, availability and delivery of quality materials, personnel, logistics, as well as inconvenience to the general public, compliance with local and national standards – these things and countless more all have to be considered.

Listening and creating solutions based on proven services

Understanding your business and project needs are paramount to FIRST, for us to be able to determine how best to add value to your construction projects. Thanks to our long experience and wide-ranging knowledge of construction and associated engineering, we have a comprehensive range of services to provide complete solutions to your projects on time, on budget, safely and to meet your requirements. You can use our specialist services standalone or to augment your existing procedures. However, as you will know, it can often be more cost effective to subcontract certain services completely.

Early project life cycle involvement

Right from the beginning of your project, we can help. FIRST can conduct construction feasibility and risk assessment and management studies. Use our geotechnical services and environment services before construction starts.

Are you sure about what materials you are using?

We also have a range of services dedicated just to materials: chemical and physical testing of the durability of materials and materials certification. For example, if a product is labeled as meeting a certain standard, how can you be sure that it truly does? We can tell you.

Do you know where your assets are?

It does not stop there. Another suite of construction services relates to the equipment, tools and machinery you use on site. We use the AHEAD asset management system to help you keep track of machines and other assets. Plus if you are buying or selling machinery, we can certify new and used products – from jackhammers to dumpers.

Global procurement needs global supply chain management

You can trust FIRST for supply chain management services to check suppliers and materials at source.

Full project life cycle support

FIRST can even handle all your facilities management, waste management and inspection requirements – right up to certifiable energy audits – once your building or infrastructure is complete.

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