Classification is a system to safeguard life, preserve the environment and protect assets. It applies principally to ships and offshore oil and gas units. Classification societies research, set and apply technical requirements for the design, construction and survey of marine-related facilities. These requirements are published as classification rules. They cover the full life cycle of a vessel or structure, from design and construction through to operation. Regular surveys are carried out to ensure in-service vessels and structures remain compliant with classification rules. A leading marine classification society FIRST is recognized as one of the Egypt’s leading classification societies . Our active research program contributes to innovation in the maritime industry, and the creation of new rules to protect the marine environment and our clients’ people and assets. Shipbuilders, designers, and clients involved in offshore oil and gas choose FIRST for our reputation for safety and integrity, our in-depth knowledge of regulations, our global network that facilitates ship surveys, and our quality of service. Customs classification is a separate service for governments to simplify revenue collection and gather trade statistics. FIRST Customs Classification services are offered as part of our Pre-Shipment Inspection services for governments. Download our service sheets