Ethics and Compliance

This reputation comes from the continuous application of the strong core values of FIRST  shared by all employees and to which each of us within FIRST Group. Our core values reinforce unity and cohesion and help promotea strategy of profitable growth.

The core values of FIRST "Integrity and Ethics" and “Impartiality and Independence" were the focal point of the work carried out by our profession.

In conformity with the requirements of our profession, the Code of Ethics describes values, principles and rules applicable to all within FIRST upon which it has built its growth and relationships based on trust with clients, commercial partners and employees.

It is clear that customers place a high value on integrity, impartiality and independence which are at the forefront of the daily concerns of all FIRST employees. Indeed, today, the reputation of the integrity of the services of FIRST has become one of its major selling points of which every FIRST employee should be proud.

It is therefore vital that every employee acts in compliance with the Code of Ethics and actively applies and defends its values, principles and rules. We are all responsible for making compliance a vital part of our business process and future success, in order to preserve and enhance the reputation of FIRST Company as a socially responsible company.