FIRST Company Services and Solutions

  • Environmental Services and Consultation
  • Environmental Impact Assessment ( EIA)
  • Environmental Monitoring and testing ( air , Soil, Water)
  • Carbon foot print and Energy Audit.
  • Ambient air monitoring
  • Asbestos Survey
  • Microbiology and Legionella testing.
  • Industrial Hygiene Monitoring: TSP, PM10, Noise Dose, VOC, Silica Exposure
  • Environmental register and Hazardous wastes and material registers.
  • Industrial Waste Water Treatment Solutions
  • Drinking Water Disinfection
  • Hazardous Wastes Management: Transportation, Recycling and Safe Disposal for Solid and Liquid Wastes.
  • Air Dispersion and noise Modeling
  • Quantitative Risk assessment (QRA)
  • Calibration, Testing and Validation
  • Calibration: Temperature, Pressure, Mass, Balance, Mechanical Dimensional, Torque, Force, Gases, Electrical, Flow, Viscosity.
  • Testing: Hydraulic pressure test for Pipes , Hoses , flanges, Valves and Vessels
  • Validation and Qualification: Thermal Validation, Clean Room Validation, HVAC System Validation, Sterilization Validation
  • Repair : BOP control unit, Pressure test unit, Valves, Gauges, Swivel Joints
  • Compressed air testing according to ISO 8573 compressed air standard
  • Mechanical and Vibration Testing
  • Electrical Testing and Compliance: Fixed Wire Testing, PAT Testing, Emergency Lighting Testing, Earth measurement, Thermal Imaging Service, Remedial Work and LED Lighting Installation.
  • NDT and Lifting Inspection
  • Lifting and handling equipment inspection: Overhead Crane, Mobile Crane, Tower Crane, Forklift, Scaffold, Ladder, fall arrestor, life lines, Slings, Shackles, Wires.
  • Tanks, Steel and pipe lines Inspection
  • Welding Inspection , PQR, WPS
  • Total Lift Management and planning: Providing a full and comprehensive management package, our personnel are fully trained and competent in compliance with the regulatory bodies.
  • Fall Arrest and Rope Access providers: We supply the widest range of height safety products on the market – from harnesses and lanyards to the most advanced safety systems, designed to suit your specific needs and budget, Specializing in providing inspection, maintenance and repair on all types of lifting, access and supporting structures in remote access areas, confined spaces and wind turbines.
  • Floor loading tests, Testing of ships’ bows, passenger walkways and link spans
  • Testing of crush barriers, balustrades, street decorations,
  • Safety harness anchorage point testing.
  • HSE Consultation and Training
  • Management Systems Preparation and consultation
  • Safety Systems and manual preparation
  • Risk assessment
  • Hazardous Area Classification and process safety
  • Work at height Solutions and life line installation
  • Training according to OSHA, IEPS, IRCA
  • Certification
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 5001, ISO 22000, API Spec Q1, API Spec Q2, API Spec 5CT, API Spec 6A, API Spec 16A, API Spec 7-1.
  • Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm Systems Solutions
  • Design ,Supervision and installation of Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm Systems
  • Hydraulic Calculations.
  • Steel Fabrication and Maintenance
  • Fabrication of container platform, lug (container lifter), bag lifters, tool stands, sleeper containers, workshop containers, spreader beams, fabrication steel parts and racking systems to client specifications.
  • Life line systems and work at height steel fabrication.
  • Repairing, cutting, welding, painting and sandblasting.
  • Manufacturing Synthetic Webbing Slings and steel rope slings.
  • Overhead Cranes Maintenance and Installation.
  • Supplies:
  • Supplies of lifting gears, accessories and equipment
  • Supplies of Personal Protection Equipment , Fall Protection Equipment, uniform, gases detection devices
  • Environmental measuring and instrumentation.
  • Calibration, testing and inspection equipment
  • Measuring and lab devices.

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