Pressure Testing and Calibration Services

  • Calibration Activities
  1. (Calibration for All pressure gauges  (0 PSI to 30 KPSI)
  2. Bourdon tube pressure gauges
  3. Electrical pressure gauges
  4. Pressure transmitters with electrical output
  5. Calibration for silo tanks weight indicator systems.
  6. Calibration for pressure recorder (Renting and repair)
  7. Calibration for tong torque and tong line pull systems
  8. Length measurement tools (vernier calliper- micrometer).
  9. Dead weight tester.
  • Pressure Test Activities ( Hydro  &  Gas test )
  1. Hydrostatic pressure test (15 PSI to30 KPSI)
  2. Hydrostatic pressure test for choke manifold
  3. Hydrostatic pressure test for BOP (manual and Hydraulic) gate valves.
  4. Hydrostatic pressure test for stand pipe manifold
  5. Hydrostatic pressure test for rubber hose and coflexip hoses
  6. Hydrostatic pressure test for treating iron and flow lines (chiksans ,swivels, tee pieces ,pup joints and pipes)
  7. Hydrostatic pressure test for air tanks
  8. Hydro test pumps(repair and , rent, recertification)
  9. Test for all types of safety relief valves (15 PSI to 30 K PSI)  (direct spring and pilot operated safety relive valves )  By using fully computerized Safety valve test bench.
  • Pressure test area specs

Fully computerized and plc controlled test unit capable Of building pressure up to  30,000 psi  by using  two air  driven pumps , one for  quick filling  and the other to build up  pressure to the test  value  .

  • A digital chart paper and report is issued for each test.
  • Camera system for monitoring the test and observing any   leakage.
  • Remote control room to  operate the test  unit
  • Underground 28M long test bay for hoses with hydraulic clamping   doors, Underground 6M long 3M wide 3M deep test area for high pressure tests with electric driven motors doors

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