Reduce the risk related to health from workplace exposure with our workplace monitoring services.
Our occupational hygienists specialize in controlling such workplace health risks by assessing hazards across a variety of environments including high risk workplaces such as factories, hospitals, offices and building sites. Using their expertise they will assess the short and long-term effects on health arising from exposure to hazards and help ensure that your business is meeting its legislative requirements in terms of ensuring ‘adequate control’ measures to protect people.
We can offer the following workplace monitoring services as well as bespoke solutions:
COSHH management
Hand arm/whole body vibration
Air monitoring
Local exhaust ventilation
Noise exposure
Workplace environment surveys
Industrial Hygiene Exposure Monitoring and Sampling Assessments
FIRST professionals specialize in the performance of industrial hygiene monitoring and evaluation of both residential and working environments.  Our Industrial Hygienists are particularly experienced in the comprehensive fields of industrial hygiene and are proficient in the “science and the art” during the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of hazardous exposures so as to protect workers, the public, and the environment.
Our professional Industrial Hygienists (IH) routinely develop and perform site-specific sampling and exposure assessments which follow applicable NIOSH, EPA, and OSHA industry standard sampling procedures and practices during the collection and analysis of representative exposure samples.
It is understood that all employers have both the obligation and legal responsibility to provide a “safe and healthful” working environment for their employees. While this appears to be a straightforward goal, the complexities of current regulations combined with the multitude of hazardous materials in today’s workplaces can make simple and cost-effective solutions to safety and health problems elusive. FIRST professionals are highly skilled in the “science and art” of industrial hygiene and in providing comprehensive services directed toward the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of environmental and occupational health and safety hazards. FIRST provides this assistance through a broad range of industrial hygiene services designed to address the many complexities surrounding physical, chemical, radiological, ergonomic, and biological hazards. Some of our industrial hygiene services include:
Development of sampling and monitoring strategies to assess worker, community, and other human exposures
Workplace and residential exposure monitoring of hazardous chemicals and physical stressors
Work-site area air monitoring of gases, organic vapors, fumes, and aerosols
Lead, silica, and nuisance dust sampling and exposure monitoring
Bulk material and surface sampling of hazardous substances at contaminated sites
Microbial (Mold) contamination identification and assessment sampling
Biological sampling for bacteria and other biological contaminants
Off-gassing measurement and material chamber testing
Noise monitoring and dosimetry surveys
Emergency/Spill response incident command, clean-up, and post incident clearance
Electromagnetic field (EMF) surveys and area monitoring
Heat stress monitoring and control strategies
Hazard assessment evaluations, surveys, and training
Ergonomic illness and safety evaluations
Design of contaminant and hazard control systems, programs, and strategies
Expert testimony and legal consultative services:
Expert Witness Testimony and Legal Consultative Services:
In today’s society we find that it is increasingly necessary to provide our clients with legal consultative support services under our professional industry standards of care. That is why our professionals have earned and maintain formal certifications within each of their respective fields of study as well as provide opinions, recommendations, and perform such services in accordance with generally accepted professional principals, practices, and standards. FIRST is highly regarded and experienced in the areas of environmental civil litigation and related expert witness testimony. Our professionals have successfully provided such services on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants alike and have always represented our professional opinions in an honest and reasonable manner which is supported by years of technical research, experience and current industry standard of care. Our professional legal consultative services in this area include:
Professional review of technical reports and documentation
• Third-party review of environmental reports and data
• Expert interrogatory support and preparation
• Expert deposition
• Expert witness testimony
• Legal consultative services (Environment – HSE- IH)


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